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Why Summer Camp For Kids Is Important

summer camp for kids

Summer camps are held every year in various parts of the world. They allow kids to make new friends and learn new skills, depending on the camp. Camps are an excellent approach to keeping children active while allowing them to continue learning and growing over the summer vacation. Below are reasons why summer camps are important for kids.

Break From Technology and Sedentary Lifestyles

Sedentary-related illnesses are on the rise worldwide due to the increasing use of technology. Physical inactivity is one major cause of disease and disability in the United States today, beginning in infancy. Since some camps have regulations prohibiting children from using their phones, it’s an excellent approach to encourage children to adopt a more active lifestyle.

Developing Social Skills

One of the most important advantages of summer camp for kids is the opportunity to mingle and meet new people. During summer vacation, it can be challenging for children to connect with people their age. When they’re not in school, most children report spending most of their time with adults. Children can acquire crucial life skills such as sharing, setting limits, and problem-solving via socialization. They’ll also learn how to form strong, healthy relationships through interaction with their peers.

Learning Independence

A child can spend time away from their parents at camp. This time alone is critical in helping children develop a sense of identity. Children become more self-reliant as they explore their hobbies and identify their skills and shortcomings. They learn to rely on their voice rather than a parent or instructor telling them what to do. Independence is essential for developing into a self-sufficient adult.

Learn New Skills

Children participate in various group activities throughout summer camp. For example, a child learns how to cooperate in a team, communicate with teammates, and solve issues autonomously when engaging in a sport like volleyball or bowling. A child could also gain leadership skills by leading a group on a hike. According to an ACA study, 63 percent of children who learn new things at camp will continue to be interested in those activities after the camp ends.

Imitating Positive Role Models

Another advantage of summer camp for kids is the opportunity for your child to engage with excellent adult role models. Camp counselors are often young adults who volunteer or work part-time during their summer break from school. These counselors are animated, and children regard them as “cool” and more relatable and approachable than their parents. This can be extremely helpful in your children’s (and yours’) lives because your child is likely to model themselves after their counselors.

A summer camp for kids provides the right environment for kids to develop, learn new skills, and make new friends. Are you considering sending your child off to summer camp? Give us a call today at the International Children’s School to learn about the programs we offer.