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Benefits of learning foreign languages in kindergarten

Although many preschools in Coral Gables focus mostly on teaching fundamental skills like reading, writing, and numeracy. Nonetheless, research has shown that teaching foreign languages from an early age can influence a child’s brain development and lay the foundation for future academic success. Here are some benefits of beginning foreign language studies in Kindergarten.

1. Helps develop creative thinkers

Teaching children foreign languages such as English, Spanish and German helps them develop into creative and flexible thinkers. Research has found that studying a foreign language enhances all four divergent thinking abilities: flexibility, elaboration fluency, and originality. Children who attend schools with a language-rich program grow up to become more flexible and open-minded adults.

2. Expands their world

Children who are exposed to other languages gain an early appreciation for cultures associated with those languages. Learning a new language introduces them to the world in ways they might otherwise have not experienced. The best preschools in Coral Gables teach languages in fun ways, therefore children learn expressions and vocabulary through songs, games, and literature.

3. Boosts academic achievement

Another important benefit of learning another language from an early age is that it helps students improve their reading, writing, and math skills. Children aren’t just gaining a new vocabulary, they are expanding their knowledge through a variety of interdisciplinary projects that connect to history, art, and even science. Compared to those without an additional language, children with foreign language skills generally score higher on standardized tests.

At ICS Coral Gables, we believe that outstanding preschools in Coral Gables should focus on the whole child. That is why we provide a language-rich program that includes instruction in English, Spanish, and German for our Kindergarten students. We know how important it is for you to have your child in a school that can provide a rich and complete program in a creative environment. Come visit our campus in the heart of Coral Gables!