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3 Reasons Private Schools Are the Right Choice

One of the most significant decisions any parent has to make concerns their child’s educational path. Among those decisions is whether to take your kid to a public or private school. This is true even at preschool age, as it’s a very formative period. If you’re considering a private school, here are some benefits that may appeal to you.

1. Individualized Attention

Because of the smaller classrooms found in private schools, teachers are able to give more attention and cater to the specific learning needs of each child. According to Everyday Life, while 36% of private schools have an average student-teacher ratio of 10:1 or lower, only 10% of public schools reach that ratio. Smaller classes mean potential problems are noticed and addressed quickly so the child can move on to being their very best self. It ensures no child is left behind.

2. A Holistic Approach

Private schools are freer to change their curriculum to suit their students, unlike public schools where a curriculum is already established with little room for change. A private school can customize its curriculum to focus more on specific aspects such as foreign languages or conflict resolution.

The idea is that in any given week, children are exposed to different learning opportunities, like art, music, library, physical education, French, drama, field trips, and more, so they get a well-rounded education. Such an approach focuses on the child as a whole. With guidance from the teacher, they can develop their character, gain personal growth, and learn respect, self-control, empathy, and other rich holistic qualities.

3. A Strong Community

Because private schools have smaller classes and fewer enrollment numbers, there tends to be a close-knit community within the school. Parents are encouraged to partake in educational and school activities such as camping, fundraising, parent breakfasts, parent-teacher meetings, and serving the community. By interacting more with the school and teachers, parents become active participants in their child’s education, which helps create an optimal learning environment.

It can be daunting to find a school that meets the learning needs of your child. You should research and ask friends, family, or even online groups for more information before making a decision. In case you have any questions, kindly reach out to us.