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The importance of social studies in a private preschool

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Social studies is a crucial part of a private preschool curriculum. This subject teaches kids the imperative role of geography, political beliefs, family, past events, and more. When kids learn this at a young age they have a better understanding of how certain things in society work such as social relationships and civic responsibilities. Keep reading to learn why this subject is so important for preschoolers.

1. Children learn about Geography

Geography is the study of landforms, maps, climate, seasons, and living things. It is an extensive subject that encompasses about 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history to make predictions of nature’s course. When children learn about this, they have a better understanding of the relationships between people and their environment.

2. It provides a better understanding of other people and teaches them to respect their differences

With early knowledge of social studies, children at a private preschool learn about the different countries and how they are connected around the globe. This makes it easier for them to widen their perspective and also understand and respect the diverse traditions other people may follow.

3. Children learn about the concept of family and community

Through social studies, children can learn about what family means. Teachers may ask them to name all the people in their family and know what each member does and enjoys. Kids also comprehend and appreciate the different kinds of families that exist such as two parents, single parents, stepparents, etc. They can do other activities that teach them about their community such as recognizing how they get to school and mapping the route. Additionally, they learn about the significance of civic and religious holidays, both their own and those of other individuals.

Teaching social studies in a private preschool is a great way for kids to have a foundation once they go to elemental school. At ICS Coral Gables we believe in teaching kids this subject through fun classes. Our goal is to provide our students with a lifelong love of learning by creating a child lead integrated curriculum. Contact us to learn more.