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The benefits of daycare for your little one

daycare in coral gables

Caring for your babies and their original personalities is very important at our daycare in Coral Gables. That is why at our Infant Groups we strive to provide the basic needs – nurturing, feeding, sleeping, changing, and playing – to each baby in our care. If you are thinking about signing your little one up for our infant classes keep reading to discover some of the benefits they will experience.

1. Regular activities contribute to their overall growth

At a daycare, babies will be exposed to a wide range of stimulating activities throughout the day. These include things like singing, storytelling, coloring, and playing which all contribute to their intellectual development.

2. Helps develop communication and improve language skills

As little ones in daycare get used to communicating with others from a younger age, they start to develop their speech and language skills which is a critical part of their growth. This fosters your child’s ability to communicate and express their feelings and thoughts. Often by the time they start school, they are more familiar with communicating with their peers giving them strong social as well as emotional skills. Additionally, your child will be able to better develop their phonological awareness, vocabulary development, and auditory memory.

3. Helps them in emotion regulation

At a daycare in Coral Gables, play is a vital part of a child’s development. It helps them learn valuable social skills as they are introduced to concepts like sharing, taking turns, and working in teams when they participate in group play. This critical time of growth allows children to grasp and learn the concepts of patience, empathy, and other necessary social skills that will benefit their emotion regulation system.

4. Gets them ready for the preschool transition

Little ones eventually need to start their school journey, this process might not be the easiest for some. However, many children who have been used to daycare, tend to find the transition smoother as they are already used to leaving their parents and socializing with other adults and children.

It is not easy to separate from your baby, nonetheless, putting them in a trusted and reputable daycare in Coral Gables, will greatly benefit their growth and development. It will also give you the reassurance as a parent that you made the right choice. At ICS Coral Gables, enrichment activities for infants are planned weekly, and all children in the room participate in these activities as soon as they are old enough to do so. For more information contact us today.