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3 key benefits of your child staying active in school

Kids need to stay active. When they do, it helps them remain alert during the day and allows them to sleep more soundly at night. Staying active can be difficult for families that don’t live near exercise sources. Only about one in five homes have parks, recreation centers, or fitness centers within half a mile. That’s why it’s important to send your children to an institution that focuses on physical activity. Here are a few benefits of sending your children to private schools in Coral Gables that stay on top of exercise and health.

Sharper Focus

Active kids tend to do much better educationally since their brains will be more focused. Those who are sedentary will likely not do as well since their bodies and brains may tire much more easily. Active kids can also kick into second gear and get a second wind when they are studying or learning something new, too.

Mental Health

According to a 2019 study reported by The New York Times, out of a group of 35,000 children and adolescents from ages six to 17 in the United States, those who reported no exercise were twice as likely to have mental health problems compared to kids who met the proper exercise guidelines. Such mental health issues were specifically related to depression and anxiety, which can significantly impact a child’s well-being throughout their life. With this information in mind, it’s important to choose one of the private schools in Coral Gables that creatively incorporates movement and activity into your child’s day.

Long-Term Health

Not only will staying active help children in the short term but it will also help them in the long run, too. This is because they will learn discipline in terms of both exercise and nutrition, which will carry with them as they get older into young adulthood and beyond. Remaining active in their younger years can help turn them into healthy adults, and this discipline can help their overall work ethic.

These are just a few of the reasons why kids should be as active as possible when they are in the classroom. They can even do sports after hours, too, like soccer, swimming, or baseball. They will improve their cardiovascular health, their hand-eye coordination, and more! Contact us today to learn more about International Children’s School, one of the best private schools in Coral Gables.