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How do preschools and daycares provide similar benefits to children?

If you’re serious about providing your child with all of the learning opportunities possible, you can’t start too early. Daycare and preschool programs really set a foundation for success for young children in a few fundamental ways. Let’s look at some of the benefits you can gain through a quality daycare and a private preschool.


One of the most important benefits that a child can gain from both a daycare and a preschool program will be the development of their social skills. These two types of programs give a child the opportunity to interact, cooperate, and build bonds with other children. In terms of primary preschool and daycare learning, young students’ social skills are significantly advanced by simply playing and growing together.

Reading Readiness

One of the primary preschool and daycare differences to keep in mind is how each program starts building a young mind’s linguistic skills. Activities at a quality daycare program allow each child to practice communicating and expressing themselves. The next step in their linguistic progression takes hold in preschool, where children are exposed to reading readiness skills. These skills are crucial for further developing grammar and comprehension. Children who have the benefit of systematic reading readiness can often navigate the complex skills of reading far more easily than those who don’t have the advantage. Daycare helps your little one practice necessary phonic skills, then pre-K takes this one step further by improving each child’s reading confidence.

Creative Activities

A supportive daycare encourages each child to explore their interests in a more non-structured setting. At this stage in a child’s development, it’s important that they are encouraged to play and express themselves in whatever creative activity that sparks their interest.

This emphasis on supporting a child’s creative endeavours is further strengthened during preschool. Another of the primary preschool and daycare differences is that utilizing a preschool program provides young students with the opportunity to create projects and engage in more hands-on activities. The pre-K teaching structure allows children to further flex their creative muscles and make friends with similar interests or talents.

These are just a few of the preschool and daycare differences you’ll find in private school programs. According to Cape Network, private schools account for 24% of the nation’s schools. If you’d like to learn more about private school opportunities in your area, please contact ICS Coral Gables today.