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How to prepare your child for summer camp

Summer is on its way, which for many children means getting ready for Summer Camp. At a camp, children will be able to make new friends, try new activities, foster their independence, and more. However, before getting there your child may face some anxiety, especially for first-time campers. A little preparation can go a long way toward ensuring they have a rewarding and enriching experience. Follow these tips to get ready.

1. Visit the camp or look at photos

Anxiety is often driven by fear of the unknown. Therefore, to give your child a sense of familiarity it is a good idea to drive by or visit the camp. Another option is to look at photos and videos or even do a virtual tour. The more familiarity they have with the camp, the less nervous they’ll be.

2. Give them a medical check-up

To ensure your kid is healthy before going to camp, it’s important to take them for a medical check-up. This way both you and your child will know that there is nothing to worry about regarding health concerns. Another thing to consider regarding health is to let Summer Camp managers know ahead of time of any allergies, medications, or special health needs.

3. Involve kids in pre-camp preparations

Involve kids from the beginning of the process. Give them a chance in the camp selection process and talk about the activities and experiences they will have or would like to have. This can help generate excitement about going to camp and is also a wonderful way to ease anxiety.

4. Label belongings

Prevent lost or mixed-up items by labeling all clothes and equipment your child is taking with him/her. To make sure you haven’t left anything behind at the camp it’s a good idea to keep a packing list of all items. For a dose of love and cuteness, you can pack a small reminder of home. For example, a picture of the family or their favorite stuffed animal.

Make sure to talk with your child about what to expect at camp in the weeks leading up to the event. Ask them how they’re feeling and check in on them to measure their level of excitement or nerves. It’s important to let them know it’s normal to miss home but also focus on all the positive things they’ll experience at Summer Camp. Remind them that they’ll learn many things but most importantly, that camp is a place to simply have fun!