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How to choose the right summer camp

Summer Camp

Summer is a very much desired time for kids. They are out of school, the days are long, and free time for playing around abounds. However, there comes a time when boredom sets in, and kids start to become glued to smartphones, binge Netflix, or play video games for hours. The good news is that summer camps are open! They provide fun while also keeping your children intellectually and physically engaged. But how do you choose the right summer camp? Here are some tips that will help make the selection process a little more manageable.

1. Consider the camp setting and tone

This is definitely something to look out for as you check out various options. Keep an eye out for things that your child likes, camp locations that are closer to home, the option of activities, the verbiage you notice on the website, quirky traditions, reviews or comments from parents, etc. This will help give an idea of what the camp’s setting and tone are. Which makes a big difference to your child’s experience!

2. Set your expectations

Before you pick the right summer camp, it’s important to set expectations. Start by asking these simple questions — what do you want your children to earn from this experience? What’s the purpose of sending them to summer camp? Perhaps your goal is to connect your children with other kids who share similar interests. This will help you and your child look for a camp that can fulfill those objectives. If you want to keep your children mentally stimulated throughout the summer months, a fun camp with academic connections might be the best option. Or if they want to play sports, a camp that offers a wide range of sports activities will fit best. The goal is to get them excited about summer camp by finding programs that speak to their current interests. By setting expectations you and your child will be on the same page and therefore more likely to find a camp you both love.

3. Determine your budget

Another key element to consider is budget. Make sure to evaluate prices but also think of camp as an investment. Kids gain so much by attending summer camp. They meet new friends, build self-confidence, and gain independence in an inspiring setting. Some camps can be costly, but when you look at short-term and long-term benefits, you’ll realize they’re almost always worth it. Make sure to research on time to find discounts and ask what’s included in the final price to ensure you’re paying for the things that are most important to you and your family.

These tips will facilitate finding the right summer camp. Don’t be afraid to research and ask questions to guarantee you make the correct decision. You can even tap into your own neighbors or parents from school for suggestions. Ask around and see where other friends have sent their kids to camp.