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Benefits of Summer Camp for Preschoolers

Summer camp holds a special allure for preschoolers, offering them a taste of adventure and a chance to explore the world around them. At ICS Coral Gables, we understand the unique needs of our youngest learners, and our summer camp…

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Benefits of science activities in summer camps

Science is all around us. That is why teaching kids about this subject is so crucial for their academic and personal development. At ICS we believe that exposing children to science isn’t just great for their critical thinking, but can…

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Long-lasting advantages of summer camp for kids

The amazing thing about summer camp in coral gables is that they not only exercise your child’s body but most importantly, their minds. Sending your kids to camp can positively impact their growth and have long-lasting effects that will benefit…

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Summer Camp

How to choose the right summer camp

Summer is a very much desired time for kids. They are out of school, the days are long, and free time for playing around abounds. However, there comes a time when boredom sets in, and kids start to become glued…

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How to prepare your child for summer camp

Summer is on its way, which for many children means getting ready for Summer Camp. At a camp, children will be able to make new friends, try new activities, foster their independence, and more. However, before getting there your child…

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4 advantages of summer camp for your child

The summer is a time for children to unwind from the school routine, have fun, and explore the world around them. Summer camps provide not only a joyful time but also many benefits such as meeting new people, interacting, and…

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