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How the right preschool program prepares children for kindergarten

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An ideal preschool program prepares children for their future academics by teaching them essential skills to help them become successful and productive in school. These skills include accomplishing tasks, following instructions, and sitting still and listening to their teachers. Furthermore, preschoolers enrolled in a high-quality program tend to develop emotional and social skills that are imperative for success in life and school. According to Quartz, children enrolling in preschool programs were higher for five-year-olds, with about 86%, than for four-year-olds at 68% in 2017. If your child is getting close to these ages, you should know some ways a great preschool program prepares your child.

1. Teaching the Basics of Academic Learning

To be successful in their kindergarten education, children need to have a solid foundation of essential academic learning. These essentials include understanding and following directions, counting or understanding simple mathematic concepts, and recognizing numbers and letters. The best preschool programs will also provide children with enough opportunities to practice these skills through various experiences and activities.

2. Help Them Develop Social and Emotional Skills

It’s crucial for children to develop strong emotional and social skills to be successful in life and school. These skills include understanding or expressing emotions, resolving conflicts, sharing and cooperating, and the ability to interact with others. Preschool presents an ideal time for children to develop these crucial skills, and the best programs will aid them in practicing and implementing those skills.

3. Introduce Them to Various New Experiences

One of the perfect ways to prepare children for kindergarten is by exposing them to new experiences. It includes everything from attending special activities or events to taking them on field trips. The more you expose them to new experiences, the more they’ll be prepared for kindergarten education.

4. Help Them Develop a Love for Learning

One of the most vital things preschool programs do is help children develop a love for learning. When children relish learning, they’re more likely to succeed in school. The best programs will offer various engaging and exciting activities that capture children’s imaginations and inspire them to comprehend learning.

5. Prepare Them for the Structure of a School Day

Kindergarten is a significant adjustment for most children who prefer the relaxed pace of preschool. The best preschool program will offer kids a preview of a typical kindergarten school day to make sure their transition to kindergarten is a smooth one. The preview includes a schedule to participate in activities such as art or story time, as well as opportunities for playtime. By the time children progress to kindergarten, they’ll be familiar with the typical structure of a school day and be able to handle the transition well.

Contact us today if you’re looking for an ideal preschool program to enroll your child in. We’ll ensure to teach them the skills they’ll use to succeed in life and school.