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The importance of cooking classes for children

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Introducing cooking classes in schools has many benefits for young children. This kind of activity is usually only found in a private preschool, as they go beyond just teaching regular academics. Cooking lessons can help children develop healthier habits, work together as a team, and promote the skill of healthy cooking starting at a young age. Children in public schools who don’t have this kind of program, lack healthy cooking knowledge and may rely on packaged foods containing a low nutritional value. Here are some reasons why cooking classes at school are important.

1. Helps with number concepts

One of the many benefits of cooking classes is the opportunity it provides to make student practice counting and develop their understanding of numbers. Kids can count the ingredients they need, how many biscuits they’ve made, the number of bowls they need, etc. They can also learn about length, size, and time. This activity is a great way to teach and practice math skills with young students, as it is a fun and hands-on, practical experience.

2. Sensory experience and fine motor development

Preparing food is a multi-sensory experience that involves taste, smell, touch, sight, and even hearing. This can help children engage with their learning, and many get more out of practical activities than book-based learning. Cooking classes are also a great way to develop fine motor skills. Children develop coordination and control as they learn to peel, stir, break and slice.

3. Teaches children to follow directions

Children learn to listen and follow instructions as they make the meal together. Teachers can plan out a recipe and make students follow each step. Kids at a private preschool learn that there is a process to follow if they want the result to be successful and delicious!

4. Grasp science and chemistry concepts

Science is better learned during real-life experiences, such as butter melting in a pot. During cooking classes, children watch all kinds of food materials change form as materials mix, water evaporates when boiled, and some substances such as salt dissolve. Cooking lessons are a fantastic way to demonstrate real-world applications of scientific concepts, both in school and at home.

In addition to these benefits, children also learn to live a healthy life through a well-nourished and balanced diet. They also learn to clean up and work in teams to create something yummy. Cooking lessons at a private preschool can make young students more independent and self-sufficient. Contact us to learn more about this and other programs at our school.