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FAQs For a Preschool Program Director

preschool program

Running a preschool is no easy task, and many parents might wonder what their preschool program director is doing to help teach their children while also juggling the rest of the school. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions for a program director that can help set your mind at ease and build confidence in your program!

How Are You Encouraging Children To Accept Others?

Evidence shows that prioritizing multinational learning at a school can help students integrate as globalization increases in the 21st century. By making a school multinational, it also teaches children to accept many different cultures. Teaching acceptance is at the heart of creating empathetic people. This even makes it easier for a program director to mitigate issues between students.

How Does This Program Help my Child Succeed?

Children need to take advantage of every chance they get to socialize and interact with their peers. Instead of waiting until kindergarten for your child to socialize, enrolling your child in pre-k can help them make friendships that will last for the rest of their lives. They also learn much-needed skills such as writing, reading, and playing appropriately early on.

Does Your School Reach Out to Parents?

While your child is enrolled in our pre-k program, we will continue to reach out to you for updates on the status of your child’s learning abilities, socialization skills, and other relevant milestones. Many parents might be hesitant to drop their children off at school for fear that they’ll miss out on this important time in their child’s life, but this isn’t true.

On the contrary, parents can and should be actively involved in their child’s life as they complete their studies in any school. This will help children become more socialized, strengthen the bond between families, and keep parents informed on their child’s latest achievements all at once.

Can a Child Satisfy Curiosity in Your Program?

Our preschool program teaches children about science and math, allowing them to satisfy their curiosity and learn about the most interesting concepts early on! Every child is given the attention they need to thrive and learn new things, while also teaching children the importance of studying in order to achieve the impossible. A mix of academic, social, and playful activities creates the perfect environment for children that are learning more and more each day at our preschool program. Reach out to the International Children’s School today to learn more about our programs!