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Benefits of science activities in summer camps

Science is all around us. That is why teaching kids about this subject is so crucial for their academic and personal development. At ICS we believe that exposing children to science isn’t just great for their critical thinking, but can also encourage a curiosity that will serve kids well throughout school, work, and the rest of their lives! This is the second week of our summer camp in coral gables focuses on kids taking the role of scientist and learning more about it in a fun, hands-on way. Here are some benefits of the science week in our summer camp.

1. Children learn basic scientific concepts and expand their scientific thinking

During the second week of camp, children will tap into their scientists within through fun games and activities. This will introduce children to scientific concepts and stimulate scientific thinking in a practical and delightful way. Children will discover the world and come to a deeper scientific understanding and appreciation of it. They’ll realize science is all around them and this in turn will encourage their natural curiosity. Additionally, kids will also familiarize themselves with basic scientific vocabulary and processes and foster a strong foundation in this subject.

2. It supports the development of other skills

Science activities in our summer camp in coral gables provide children with opportunities to develop and practice many different skills such as team working, team working, communication, collaboration, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Children also extend and embed their learning through science-related terminology, numeracy, and creative activities.

3 Children foster a lifelong love for science

Research has proved that by the age of 7, most children have developed either a positive or negative attitude toward science. Therefore, it’s important for them to have a positive perception of such an important subject from a young age. Perhaps it is through this camp that they will get inspired to become the future scientist of the country. By tapping into their natural predispositions early on, they will not only enjoy summer camp but also establish a positive approach to science education that will facilitate their academic achievements later on.

Attending a summer camp in coral gables where one of the main focuses is science has many advantages for both parents and kids. They will be learning from an early age about science concepts and will also develop a love for this subject. If you have more questions about our camp or are ready to enroll your child contact us today!