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Busting the Myths about Preschool: Part 1

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Early educational programs, such as preschools, provide endless benefits and contributions to a child’s development. These programs have shown to be critical components in how a child succeeds throughout the rest of their life. Sadly, such programs face criticism from those who oppose early education or do not see the value in it. When these critiques spread, they become a source of misinformation flowing to new parents. It is about time to look at these myths and correct them with actual facts about preschools.

Myth: There are No Lasting Benefits
The idea that there are no lasting benefits to having your child attend preschool started because a study gave a couple of results that showed little to no achievement for children who attend preschool. What was failed to mention in the vast sharing of this study was that there actually was a significant improvement in a child’s academic performance in later programs, but the percentage that did not meet standards was caused by outside factors not involved in the study. Newer studies and research have concluded preschools provide more long term benefits than any other educational programs. The benefits from preschool are used as a foundation for children to build on and develop throughout the rest of their years in school.

Myth: Children Do Not Learn Anything
People who claim that children do not learn anything while attending preschool either do not have children or have not visited a preschool. This concept began similarly to the previous myth because there is a belief that the knowledge children obtain in preschool will slowly fade away. This is not true. Attending preschool can actually improve a child’s memory. They learn how to absorb and understand new information. Preschool also teaches important social and communication skills that they will utilize for the rest of their lives. Part of the reason why certain groups believe this myth about preschool is because they are comparing it to other educational programs. In reality, preschool provides a different type of education and learning style that is directed towards educating young children.