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Ways to Bring More Science into Your Child’s Life at Home

Coral Gables preschool

Science is an interesting and inquisitive subject all children will be fascinated in at one point in their early childhood. The subject becomes popular for preschoolers because it naturally excites their curious minds with new facts and ideas about the world. Preschools encourage children to delve into their interest in science as it is one of the most advantageous subjects. When your child comes home from their Coral Gables preschool, they want to feel as supported in their interest in science as they are at school. Here are some simple ways to bring more science into your child’s life. 

Promote More Questions and Exploration
4-5-year-olds have a common characteristic of asking questions about everything. They love to learn, and they want to know more. Your preschooler could ask you questions about the meaning of the universe because they want to know the reason behind everything. Such questions may be hard to answer, but they should not be ignored. Instead of brushing aside the questions, you do not know the answer to, explore the question with your child. If you do not know the answer, then work with your child to find it. Research and read about the topic together until both of you are satisfied with the result. This can encourage your child to think about their question and plan how they will find the answer to it. 

Keep Up with New Topics
Talk about fun science facts with your child. No matter what type of science it is, talk about it. Showing your interest in science and expanding your knowledge will influence your child to do the same. An added bonus to talking about science is that your child can impress their teachers at their preschool with all the new information they learned from you. Their teacher can witness your child’s new interest and plan to help them further explore it in their everyday education at school.