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Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for the Whole Family

Coral Gables preschool

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with the people you love? There are many types of love, and an important one is family love. For parents with little ones in preschool, transform the most romantic holiday of the year into a day to celebrate family love. Since Valentine’s Day is on the weekend this year, you do not need to worry about taking your kids to their Coral Gables preschool. Instead, you can spend the entire day together with these fun Valentine’s Day activities.

Family Portraits
No need to commission an artist to create family portraits when you have children who love to craft. Take time to draw or paint portraits of every member of your family. However, these family portraits have a twist to them. Make sure that each person has their own picture on a separate piece of paper. After the portraits are complete, have everyone write down what they love about the person on their designated portrait. 

Cookies and Other Goodies
Baking appears to be a traditional activity for most holidays, but never seems to lose its appeal. Baking and decorating Valentine’s Day cookies is a great activity for everyone, no matter how old they are. Have everyone choose a color of icing and sprinkles before decorating to their heart’s content. 

Valentine’s Day Cards
It is hard celebrating Valentine’s Day with family when you have family all around the country. Make cards and write letters to your long distance loved ones from your family. Let them know how much they mean to your family, and let your kids write in stories or draw pictures. This activity allows you to spread love to everyone outside your immediate family while spending time with your immediate family. 

Kid’s Decide
This particular activity does appear risky, but you may be surprised by what your kids decide. You will learn a great deal about your children based on what they decide to do for this day. They may suggest playing board games together or going to the park. Your kids will think of the most out-of-the-box ideas, but all of their ideas will include you being with them.