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4 Wonderful Winter Crafts for Preschoolers

Coral Gables preschool

Days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Winter is coming and the holiday season is approaching. For parents, this is a sign that their Coral Gables preschool is about to go on winter break. The little ones are excited to be at home and spend more time with their family. As the days pass during winter break, they will need some crafts.

​1. Build a House with More than Gingerbread
Gingerbread houses are a classic, fun craft for everyone in the family, no matter their age. Change up this tradition by using other craft supplies instead of the delicious baked good. Popsicle sticks are great building material as they are strong and easy to use. Plus they can be drawn on and painted with any seasonal design.

​2. Snowman Without the Snow
For those who live in warmer climates, creating a winter wonderland is near impossible. Every child deserves to build a snowman in winter, and here is how. Using a styrofoam ball, glue cotton balls until completely covered. Repeat this for two other styrofoam balls with each other smaller than the last. When dry, glue the smaller ones on top of the large one with the smallest one being on the top. Gather some buttons and create a face on the smallest ball. From there, add on any accessories like a small scarf, hat, and attach some arms.

3. Glowing Lanterns 
Light up those winter nights with homemade lanterns. This craft is simple and fun. All it requires is a plastic cup, art supplies, and an electronic candle. With the art supplies, draw out a beautiful picture or keep it easy with painting it seasonal colors. Poke some holes in the cup for light to shine through. Turn on the candle and place the cup over it, then enjoy.

4. Pine Cones and a Little Glitter
As the title suggests, this is a pine cone with glitter on it. Whether the pine cones are fake or real, either works for this sparkling craft. The first step is to pour glitter into a plastic plate. The next step is to coat the pine cone with some glue. Roll the pine cone in the glitter, and leave somewhere to dry. Once it is dry, be enchanted by the shining work of art. After winter break finishes, the kids will be excited to let all their friends know at their Coral Gables preschool what fun crafts they made over break.