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Encouraging Your Preschooler to Read More

preschool in Coral Gables

Reading is an essential life skill. It is also an enchanting activity that transports you to far off places without leaving your seat. As a parent, you want your child to read more and to enjoy it. However, there are pressures that remove the excitement from reading and almost discourage children from doing it as a relaxing hobby. Encouraging your child to read more begins at early development. Here is how you can encourage your child to read more and astonish their teachers at their preschool in Coral Gables with their new passion.

Reading Together Builds a Lifelong Bond
Teaching your preschooler how to read should not be viewed as a chore, but as an opportunity to do something together. Set a time every day to read aloud with your child. At this time, remove all distractions and focus on the activity. Do not be afraid to show your enthusiasm while reading by creating funny voices and facial expressions. You want your child to hold positive opinions about the activity and be excited for the next time you read together. As they get older, you can both look back and remember how you bonded over your love of reading.

​If You Like to Read, Your Child Likes to Read
Children have the tendency to imitate their parents. If you like to cook, then your child will want to learn to cook. If you love to listen to music, then your child will also love music. Reading applies to this scenario. When your child sees you reading every day, they are more likely to want to read themselves. Not only show them you read every day, but also talk about reading. Express how you liked the new book the two of you read together. Ask them what they liked about it. Your excitement will rub off on them. After they are dropped off at their preschool in Coral Gables, your child will not hesitate to share their love of reading with their classmates.