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Tips to prepare your toddler for their first time in daycare

You have enrolled your child in an infant daycare in Coral Gables, and it is soon time for their first day. This can be an exciting time since starting daycare is a huge milestone! But with it can also come some mixed emotions and questions such as did you choose the right daycare, will your child be okay? To avoid stressing over this, we have prepared some tips that will help this transition be as seamless as possible. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Get them excited

It’s important to show your child how exciting daycare is going to be. You can do this by playing pretend with them that they are in daycare. Go through some activities they’ll be doing such as lunchtime, playtime, nap time, etc. Also, try talking about their teacher, this will help them remember the teacher’s name and make them happy to see them.

2. Establish a morning routine

One of the most notable changes your toddler will experience when going to a daycare in Coral Gables for the first time is their morning routine. They will have to wake up early, get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, and then head to daycare. Start the routine a few days or weeks before the first day so that they become familiar with the routine. Toddlers love repetition and predictability, so keeping up with this morning will make the transition better for everyone.

3. Talk about daycare

The more you talk about daycare, the more comfortable your kid will be about it. They may have questions since it is a new thing for them outside home and their parents. So, a good idea is to show them tv shows with episodes of kids in daycare or preschool. Also reading them a book about the first days in school can be fun and educational. By the time daycare is about to start, your child will be familiar with the idea!

The first time you leave your child in a daycare in Coral Gables can be very special if you follow these tips. For further information on our infant classes and child care contact us to schedule a meeting. We can’t wait to meet you!