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4 benefits of daycare for infants and toddlers 

A good daycare is far more than just a place to look after your child so you can do other things. It can actually offer learning and developmental advantages to your toddler. Parents want peace of mind in knowing that enrolling their infant or toddler in a quality daycare in Coral Gables is a good decision.

Here are 4 must-know benefits of daycare:

1. Fun and socialization

Kids need time to have fun and be with friends. Daycare is great as it offers them a wide social circle and is able to put playdates together.

2. Social and emotional development

Inside the family bubble, toddlers don’t have enough room to interact with kids from different backgrounds on a daily basis. At a daycare, children learn to use their social and emotional skills in structured games and play allowing self-expression and problem-solving development in a supervised environment. It also helps break the separation anxiety children face, thus fostering a sense of independence from a young age. The best daycare in Coral Gables will build learning activities that will enhance emotional development.

3. Regular routine

Having a structure is integral to the intellectual growth of a child, particularly in toddlers. While they may not be able to tell the time, they can gauge how the day works by having events happen at certain times. Learning activities built-in into the timetable such as times for playing, eating, and napping provide everything the child needs to blossom into a bright, able child.

4. Smoother transition to kindergarten

During their stay at daycare, a child begins to get familiarized with a structured day, thus making it easier for them to transition to kindergarten. They will understand how the day works and how they must travel to and from a place other than home. By the time they get to kindergarten, they’ll be able to understand higher-level tasks and the workings of the school, and will thrive academically.

Caring for your child is very important to our staff. At ICS Coral Gables, we believe child care should go beyond just daily care. Our daycare in Coral Gables is carefully designed to encourage each child’s emerging sense of self while nurturing intellectual growth, exploration, and socialization in a safe, supportive environment. Contact us today!