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Will a Private Preschool Improve Your Child’s Literacy Skills?

private preschool

A private preschool can give your child the individualized attention needed to thrive in an educational setting. They can help your child prepare for their academic career and help to teach them the basics and improve their literacy early on. Let’s take a look at how early education can improve your child’s literacy.

They Help Your Child Reach a Big Milestone

Most children can recognize sight words when they head to kindergarten, which is a big milestone for any child. In a private preschool setting, children are nurtured and taught in an environment that makes learning fun. The more fun learning is, the more likely your child will retain what they learned. The right one will focus on a proven, effective curriculum that engages children and gets them excited about reading.

They Help Children Get a Head Start

Academics is more fast-paced than ever. Children are expected to be able to identify sight words, count, and understand basic concepts from the minute they enter kindergarten. Most children attend a formal academic program to prepare them.

Private preschools are well known for their academic excellence. With their smaller class sizes and reputation for highly qualified teachers, they make a difference in the type of education a preschooler gets.

About 41% of three-year-old children and 66% of four-year-old children attend preschool, according to the Department of Education. The number of children attending early education has increased by about 10% since the 1990s. If you want your child to succeed academically during elementary school and beyond, then enrolling them in a local preschool can give them just that.

They Are the Foundation for Lifelong Learning

Early education teaches children the skills they need to go on and become proud readers. It prepares them to excel in reading, math, and other subjects. As kindergarten becomes more academic and less of a social experience, you will see just how important early education is.

Give your child the head start in education that they need to succeed. Enroll them in a private preschool program that will put them on the path to literacy. Learn more today by connecting with our school that puts your child’s education and development first.