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3 Qualities to Look for in a Preschool for Your Child

Finding a good preschool should be a priority for every parent, and a private institution may just have the best program for your little one. In fact, according to the Department of Education, there are 30,861 private academies serving about 5.3 million students from pre-k through 12th grade. Locating an excellent program will put your child on the path to academic success and instill a love for learning. With this in mind, here are just three important qualities to look for during your search.

1. A Welcoming Environment

It’s important to choose a pre-k program that offers a welcoming and warm environment. A focus on creating a community is a great place for a child to learn! The right teacher will get to know each child and family, too, so everyone has an opportunity to positively influence your kid’s education and development.

The right welcoming environment helps young children adjust to formal education, too. It’s important that you choose a preschool that makes your child feel comfortable and positive.

2. Age-Appropriate Materials and Activities

Classrooms should be set up to engage children in activities and materials that promote age-appropriate development. There should be a wide range of options depending on your kid’s needs, and they should be planned, assessed, and adjusted as necessary. Additionally, activities and materials should be utilized with close supervision by caring teachers who want the students to become interested in education!

3. Highly Qualified Teachers

One of the essential factors to consider when finding a good preschool is the quality of the teachers. They should be highly qualified, compassionate, and caring. The best institutions consider credentials, experience, training, and personality when hiring instructors so all students are provided with an exceptional educational experience.

The right learning environment will ensure your child is prepared for a bright academic future, and the above three qualities are crucial to consider as you’re finding a good preschool. Here at the International Children’s School, we value every student, teacher, assistant, administrator, and staff member. We are proud to be a top choice for young children with parents who want them to succeed. Call us today to arrange for a tour of our facilities that offer exemplary education opportunities!