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Should You Send Your Preschooler to Camp This Summer?

finding a good preschool

Summer is finally here! And for parents with young children, this often means scrambling to find someone to watch them during the day. Fortunately, there are many summer camp options for preschoolers to keep them occupied during the day. With more than 11 million children and adults attending summer camps each year in the U.S., finding a good preschool that offers a summer camp program can be done with ease. But because many parents are hesitant to send their little ones to camp, here are a few reasons preschoolers should attend camp this summer.

They’ll stay active: It’s no secret that today’s kids aren’t as active as they should be. And during the summer, a lot of kids end up parking themselves in front of the television all day instead of going outside and being active. But going to camp offers kids the opportunity to be active all day long! From playing on the playground to doing other outdoor activities, preschoolers who attend summer camp will be sure to get plenty of physical activity each and every day.

They’ll make new friends: One of the many great things about going to summer camp is getting the chance to socialize and interact with kids around the same age. This can be a great opportunity for little ones to make new friends and meet kids who have similar interests. If a child is a little on the shy side, camp can be a good place to open up — having tons of activities and opportunities for socialization, no kid at summer camp will feel lonely or left out.

They’ll learn new skills: Attending summer camp allows kids to develop new skills that they might otherwise not get the opportunity to develop. Camp will promote the growth of physical, artistic, and even academic skills. Because camps are so versatile, kids will be exposed to new activities that will help their socialization and creative skills bloom as well. From working with other kids to trying new activities, preschoolers will leave camp a more well-rounded child.

Summer camp is a great opportunity for any and all children. With the right camp program, your preschooler can learn new activities, develop important skills, and just have some summer fun.

Finding a good preschool is the first step in choosing a good summer camp for your child. Contact the International Children’s School in Coral Gables to learn more about our summer camp programs.