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How to Choose the Right Summer Camp for Your Preschooler

Summer Camp

When the school year is over, many parents often make the decision to send their preschoolers to summer camp. Camp can offer so many benefits — in fact, the American Camp Association data shows that 63% of children who participate in activities at camp will maintain an interest in those activities even after camp is done. But one common problem parents face is finding the right camp to send their child to. So to help you out, this article is going to discuss a few tips to aid you in finding the right summer camp for your preschooler.

Choose the right focus: One of the great things about summer camps is that they can focus on a wide array of subjects. There are academic camps, sports camps, art camps, and more. But the best kind of camp is one that incorporates a variety of activities. When you’re wondering how to find a preschool camp, a good place to start is by thinking about what your child is interested in and what you want them to get out of their camp experience. The camp you choose should have a clear focus and philosophy and you should understand how that philosophy is integrated into the camp activities.

Think about your schedule: Another contributing factor to consider when you’re wondering how to find a preschool camp is to think about your schedule. Do you have a strict work schedule you can’t stray from? Or can you come and go as you please if you need to pick your child up from camp? Many camps offer different sessions, like half-day or full-day camps. So you should think about how your schedule will affect your ability to bring your child to and from camp. Additionally, you should think about what’s best for your child. If they don’t do well away from home for a full day, then half-day programs may be the better option.

Consider the staff: Before you decide on a camp, it’s important to ensure the camp staff is well-trained. Not only should they be able to guide your child through the appropriate camp activities, but they should also be trained in general childcare. Furthermore, the camp should have a clear communication plan in place if something were to happen to your child — or simply about upcoming events or change of policies. Overall, the staff should be kind, caring, and make sure you’re kept in the loop regarding all camp activities.

Hopefully, this article answered some of your questions on how to find a preschool camp for your child. Camp can be extremely rewarding, and by following these tips, you’re sure to find the perfect camp for your child.