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3 Indications Your Preschooler Is Ready to Attend Camp

One of the most common activities for young children in the summertime is attending summer camp. Camp can be a great experience for children of all ages, but it can be difficult to decide when your child is ready to attend. So to help make this decision easier, let’s look at a few signs your preschooler may be ready for camp.

They’re comfortable spending time away from you: One of the big deciding factors for sending your child to camp is if they can spend time away from you. Many children, especially preschoolers, are still pretty attached to their parents — and that’s okay. But if your child is comfortable spending long periods of time away from you, they may be ready for a bit more independence. Fortunately, most preschool camps do offer different sessions, allowing kids to go for less than a full day. So if your child can’t spend a full day away from you, camp can still be an option.

They can easily follow directions: Camps at private preschools often involve a variety of activities, including academics, physical activities, and crafts. Because of all of the activities that are incorporated into camps, preschoolers should be able to follow directions. Being able to listen to instructions and respond appropriately will make the camp experience better for both your child and the camp counselors and staff. If you’re looking into camps at private schools, you’ll generally see a lower ratio of teachers or counselors to children. In fact, 36% of private schools had an average student-teacher ratio of 10:1 or lower. So if your child can follow directions well, then they’ll most likely have a pleasurable camp experience.

They express an interest in going to camp: A big sign that your preschooler is ready for camp is that they show an interest in going to summer camp in the first place. If you bring up the idea to your child and explain what they’ll be doing at camp and they show a genuine interest in going, then it may be time to sign them up. They may also be more motivated to go if some of their friends from their private preschool are going as well. But if your child says they want to go, that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Hopefully, this article provided some insight into knowing when your child is ready for camp. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your child to decide. So talk to your child, talk to the private preschool camp managers, and you’ll know when the time is right.