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How Private Schools Help Keep Your Kids Healthier

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During these uncertain times and even in more usual times, it’s important to make sure that all students are staying as healthy as possible. This can be difficult during a normal year, but by enrolling your child at a private school, you can help keep your children healthy. Below are three ways that private schools keep kids healthier.

Smaller Class Sizes

Private schools are known for having small class sizes, which means that your child will be interacting with fewer other students every day. This means that not only will your child be forming more meaningful connections with their classmates, but they also will be exposed to fewer foreign germs. This means that they have a lowered chance of interacting with someone sick because they’ll be exposed to fewer people.

More Individualized Attention

Sometimes kids struggle with following directions for the safety measures that will keep them safe. Procedures like being able to clean properly, wear masks, wash their hands, and more can end up not being followed if the teacher doesn’t notice that kids aren’t following the rules. With more specialized attention, there’s a better chance that all of the kids in your child’s class will follow the rules put in place, which will mean a safer classroom environment.

Rigorous Cleaning Procedures

Many private schools are smaller than their public counterparts, which makes it easier to be able to clean the entire school regularly. In addition, many private schools have instituted more rigorous cleaning procedures because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While public schools also care about students, many don’t have the same resources as private schools to do the amount of cleaning necessary to keep students, faculty, and staff alike safe.

There are many private schools across the United States, with over 5.3 million students attending from preschool age to high school. One of the many benefits of sending your children to a private school is that your children will have the chance to be healthier during the school year. If you’re choosing a preschool or elementary school in the Coral Gables area, the International Christian School of Coral Gables is a great choice. We offer many wonderful benefits for children, even including daycare and summer camp programs. Contact us today for a school tour and to learn more!