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Early Learning Facts You Need to Know


Preschool is an important educational milestone and it can have many early learning benefits. However, there are some facts about this crucial development time that parents may not be aware of. To help you understand more about early learning, here are four things that every parent should know.

1. Preparing Children for the 21st Century

Multinational schools can have many benefits when it comes to early childhood education, and one of the most significant is preparing them for a more globalized society. Schools like this often incorporate the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), which combines play and natural curiosity with objective-based learning in the areas of math, art, language, and science. Some even teach foreign language students to help students start to master a second language early, as early language learning is often easier and more effective.

2. Learning Socialization

Another great benefit that preschool can provide is teaching children about socialization through actual interaction. This can help them learn how to get along with others, share, and communicate their needs more effectively. If a child doesn’t get this socialization experience in preschool, they can risk falling behind when entering Kindergarten or first grade.

3. Learning Through Play

One of the most effective ways for teaching children is through play, and preschool can provide this. In preschool, children are encouraged to explore their curiosities through play-based learning strategies under the guidance of their teacher. This helps them build cognitive function and it can teach them valuable problem-solving skills in a manner that is fun and effective.

4. Nurturing Inquisitveness

All children are born with an innate curiosity about the world around them and this needs to be nurtured so that it can grow into a lifelong love of learning. Preschool helps foster this natural inclination and helps set children up to be more involved and invested in their education. If preschool is missed, children can risk falling behind on learning critical skills and learning strategies. When this happens, a child can easily feel more overwhelmed, which can lead to them enjoying school less as they will feel that it is too much for them to understand.

If you have a child that is entering preschool age, consider these early learning facts about how preschool can benefit them. Although it may not seem as important as Kindergarten or first grade, preschool can be vital for early education and it can give your child a strong foundation to build upon going forward.