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Benefits Of Preschool Programs During Summer Months

In 2017, 86% of five-year-old children were enrolled in a preschool program compared to 68% of four-year-old children. There are many benefits of preschool programs during the summer months that help younger children become better readers and thinkers. During the summer months, many families have the option of continuing a preschool education for their children. Let’s delve into some great advantages of enrolling kids in preschool programs during the summer months.

Maintenance of Established Routines

Typically, preschoolers love and cherish routines. Those established and maintained routines can go a long way to help ensure the happiness and joy of a child. Summer preschool programs help to keep activities consistent while helping the child to maintain pace and space. Your young child will know what to expect each day during summer preschool fun, education, and engagement.

Many preschool programs also offer summer camp sessions at their preschool, which allows kids an opportunity to keep up their routines coupled with a bit of summer fun. Summer camps may include special field trips, wonderful guest speakers, games, and activities that garner engagement.

Prevention of the Summer Slide

The name summer slide is a phrase that refers to the content knowledge and skills that are lost over the summer months. With summer preschool programs, that summer slide is prevented. As preschool is a place where young children are able to gain the most knowledge at the fastest pace, summer preschool can offer a wonderful repetition of skills in a fun, innovative, playful, and low-key atmosphere. Summer preschool enrichment also allows young children to continue to build upon previous skills, development, enrichment, and knowledge without that two to three month break in learning.

Outdoor Fun and Play

As those summer days lengthen, we develop a need to go outside. Such is true for your little learner. Children have a desire to head outside for outdoor play, water fun, and more. Summer preschool programs are great places that combine educational enrichment with outdoor fun. Thanks to a quality summer preschool program, your child can participate in fantastic outdoor activities that combine play with learning.

Your little one may also love water and water sports. Many summer preschool programs combine water activities that encourage learning, teamwork, fun, and play. While there may be a field trip to the local pool planned, many summer preschool programs offer guided water lessons as well. For example, your child may have a lesson in which they have to fill containers with water. Not only can your child learn about measurements, but they will also learn about water, liquids, and the specific properties they have.

Keeping Emotional and Social Connections Solid

One major reason many parents decide upon preschool for their children is to allow children the opportunities to interact and socialize. Watching young kids engage in team-building activities with others, imaginative play, and more can be tremendously joyous and special. It’s amazing to look at the child and see their social awareness grow and evolve as they practice sharing, experience empathy, and build strong social bonds. As children continue to grow and formulate their own personalities, their social prowess also evolves and grows. Summer preschool programs help young learners continue to build strong social connections as well as practice being a member of thriving communities.

You’ve been searching for the most enriching summer preschool programs for your child; let your search end with us. As your Coral Gables, FL learning institution, we offer summer preschool programs that promote healthy habits while combining elements of outdoor fun. Learn about our summer camps and the activities that help to build your child’s character. Find out how we bring out the best in your child through guided summer lessons, programs, and play. Summer doesn’t have to be the time of the year where learning is paused. Connect with us for some of the most enthralling summer preschool programs for your child.