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3 Tips to Keeping Your Child Healthy During Flu Season

Coral Gables preschool

With the school year in motion, parents are starting to prepare for the upcoming event that occurs every year in fall: flu season. This event happens all around the country and often caused by the changing of the temperatures. A slight chill in the wind is an obvious sign that the flu season is about to arrive. These tips to keeping your child healthy this flu is so fantastic you will want to share them with the other parents from your Coral Gables preschool.

1. Plenty of Sleep
Sleep plays a huge role in a healthy immune system. A general recommendation for children ages 3-6 is that they must sleep between 10 and 12 hours a night. Sleeping too much or too little can weaken their immune system causing them be more susceptible to illnesses. Which is why setting a sleep schedule for your child is so important. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule can help their body wake up quicker, fall asleep faster, and be more focused during the day. Your child will feel less tired throughout the day when they have set hours for how much they sleep.

2. Healthy Foods
Your child’s immune system relies on a healthy diet. At every meal, your child should have what is called a “colorful plate.” This means there is a variety of food groups and multitudes of colors on the plate. It can also be a good method to check if your child is getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. If you notice there is not a lot of variation in colors on the plate, then add in another color to mix it up. At each meal, set a rule that your child has to eat something from a list of colors. The rule will teach your child independence while they gain the nutrients they need. When this works, you will brag about it to everyone at the Coral Gables preschool.

3. Sanitizing Areas
Whether your child has gone outside or stayed inside all day, sanitize your spaces. Children are naturally messy and will touch everything in your home. Teach your child an effective way to wash their hands before they wander around, spreading anything that stuck on them after playing outside. Dust and allergens can enter in through an open window or your vents. Everyday wipe down your countertops along with sanitizing the air. Children can get sick from the air they breathe so a clean atmosphere is recommended. A stronger immune system is the best defense against the coming flu season.