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5 Private School Facts You Never Knew

A private school education may seem exclusive to some, but it’s actually much more common than you think. An estimated 10% of all students from kindergarten to grade 12 are enrolled in private schools, and the institutions themselves make up about 24% of the nation’s schools. With that in mind, we’re unpacking five facts about private schools that you probably don’t know. The more you know about this schooling opportunity, the easier it might be for you to make a decision about whether or not it’s right for your kids.

1. Private Schools Aren’t Always Expensive

Of course, everyone has a different definition of what expensive means. Generally speaking, though, many private schools are much more affordable than you might imagine. Some private schools offer many different scholarships and grants to a variety of students, making tuition low cost or even nonexistent for a lot of families. Additionally, state and private grants and other programs may offer parents the ability to pay for tuition they may otherwise be unable to afford.

2. Private Schools Are Global

Private schools are not only an American concept. Many American parents choose private schools for their children because of smaller class sizes, better curriculums, and more focus on the student among other things. Lots of parents abroad also select private schools for their children for these reasons.

3. Private Schools Are Highly Individualized

One reason why many people like private schools is that they can offer a truly unique educational experience. Private schools can potentially combine a religious education with an academic one. Some also teach children in foreign languages.

4. Private Schools Have High Hiring Standards

While public schools are often desperately attempting to hire teachers, private schools often have stricter hiring standards. Teachers’ level of education and their experience are taken into account.

5. Private Schools Encourage Bonding

Because private schools often employ things like uniforms and utilize smaller class sizes, it’s often easier for students to bond with each other. This allows for a better social atmosphere overall.

Private schools provide unique educational and cultural experiences for students. Do your research and see if one is right for your child!