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5 Ways Your Child Will Benefit From Attending a Kids Summer Camp

kids summer camp

In North America, more than 11 million children and adults attend summer camps annually. If you’re working in the summer and you cannot manage to accompany your children to camp, you can take advantage of private-school organized kids summer camp. Enrolling your child in a summer camp has the following benefits.

1. Prevents Summer Slide

Summer slide, also known as summer learning loss, is when students forget some of the content and skills they learned in the school year because of the extended summer break. During the summer holiday, fun takes center stage in a child’s life, while academics and other learning activities take a backseat. This can roll back some of the gains a student had made in schoolwork, especially in tougher subjects such as science, math, and foreign languages.

A summer camp for kids prevents summer learning loss by designing fun activities that enhance learning continuation. Campers have the chance to apply the knowledge they learned in class in the real world.

Camp organizers may also have summer lessons or organize other academic programs such as robotic and coding competitions in camp. Hence, your child will have a chance to test their academic skills, build on their classwork, and learn new concepts. After the kids summer camp experience, campers are better off academically than their peers who didn’t attend camp.

2. Your Child Will Learn New Skills in a Safe Environment

Summer camp for kids have two-fold benefits to you and your child. For starters, you have the peace of mind that your child will be in the safe hands of camp supervisors who will safeguard your child’s well-being. This is particularly beneficial when you’re away from home during the summer break. Secondly, summer camps teach students new social skills such as communication skills, people’s skills, teamwork, and resilience. Campers learn these skills by participating in camp games such as tug of war, athletics, survivor games, escape games, and champion games.

3. Summer Camps Are a Good Place for Your Kids To Unplug

Today, it’s easy for kids to have too much screen time and possibly get addicted to video games, or social media. When this happens, their interpersonal skills take a big hit, and this affects their human relation skills in their adult life. In a kids summer camp, the opposite happens. Campers are encouraged to interact and socialize with each other throughout camp time. Even when they play video games, they do it in the company of their peers, which allows them to still interact with each other.

4. Summer Camps Teaches Kids Time-Management at an Early Age

By following the camp schedule punctually, campers learn the art of time management. Camp supervisors ensure that children respect the camp rules and face the consequences when they break rules. This instills discipline in campers, which is a vital skill that goes a long way in their professional and adult life.

5. Campers Are Exposed to a Different World Outside Home

The everyday routine between school and home creates a familiar setting for children that soon becomes their comfort zone. At home, you and other adults in your family protect the child from danger and risky activities. At school, the teachers and the staff members do the same. As such, your child grows in a bubble-wrapped environment that is extremely protective of them. Although this is a good thing considering the many risks children face, it may make your child more dependent and shy to face risks.

Luckily, kids summer camps do an excellent job at teaching your child how to face, manage, and overcome their risks and fears. Adrenaline-packed camp activities such as outdoor hiking expose your child to a different world which helps campers build resilience in life.

Private schools in Coral Gables organize some of the best summer camps for toddlers and older students too. When looking for a summer camp to send your child consider Coral Gable’s summer camps because they are fun-packed, set in a safe environment, and campers learn new social and academic skills.