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4 things children learn in kindergarten

Kindergarten is an important educational period, where children ages 5 to 6-year-olds are learning to develop their social, math, literacy, and self-esteem skills. This stage provides a solid foundation for their success in preschools in coral gables as well as in later years. Here are some of the skills kids will learn in kindergarten.

1. Reading

Kindergarten is where the fundamentals of reading occur. Students will learn to read their names, recognize rhyming words, and recite the alphabet, to mention a few. It is during this stage that children recognize high-frequency sight words as well.

2. Science

Science classes help students learn about animals, understand their senses, observe the weather, distinguish between living and non-living things, and more. Most lessons are basic, as science in kindergarten is more about observing and exploring the world around children.

3. Counting

Children in preschools in coral gables also learn to count to 100. First, they must understand what counting entails. As they progress, they will learn how to write and recognize numbers in print. By the end of the year, children in this stage should be able to know the count sequence, know number names, and compare numbers. As they learn to count, they will be able to do things like read the calendar and distinguish days from weeks and months.

4. Social Studies

Children will learn about the family structure and will in turn understand how they fit into their family as well as the role they play. They will also learn about other important members of the community such as farmers, firefighters, doctors, etc. During this class, students will learn to grasp the concept of rules and why they need to follow them. In addition, social studies will help them distinguish what is right or wrong in the classroom.

At ICS Coral Gables, we believe it’s important for preschools in coral gables to properly address the many phases of a child’s development. In our kindergarten class, your child will grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Contact us today to learn more about all the special programs and curricula.