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3 Qualities to Consider in the Best Infant Daycare

It can be difficult to leave your child in daycare when you return to work. It can be tough when your child is an infant, but a top daycare can help put your mind at ease. Here are three characteristics the best infant daycare should have.

1. Small Ratio

Infants need a lot of care, so the ideal daycare setting will have a high staff-to-child ratio. Most states regulate how many children a staff member can look after, and the daycare staff must be ample enough to ensure that each child gets individual attention.

Keep in mind that infant daycare is highly regulated. However, some less-than-best will push the limits. The best infant daycare will stay well below the limits and surpass the requirements.

2. Separate Space

A fantastic infant daycare will have a separate space for infants. Infants must be kept separate from the other children to ensure they are not exposed to colds, flu, and other health problems that older children can easily overcome.

Proper sanitation practices should also be in place in these separate areas. Refrigerators should be on-site to keep formula or breast milk chilled. There should be record-keeping for diaper changes and feedings. A daycare that accepts infants should have standard operating procedures in place for caring for the infants.

3. Security Practices

The best daycare uses well-designed security practices. They have a security system that includes cameras. Many of the best daycares will allow parents to view the cameras throughout the day to check in on their children. There are clear steps for drop off and pick up that are not deviated from to ensure every child’s safety.

Your infant deserves a secure environment that is nurturing and focuses on infant development. The best infant daycare employs highly qualified care providers. According to the Family Council, about 30,861 private schools in the U.S. serve approximately 5.3 million students from preschool up to 12th grade. Many of these facilities offer daycare services for younger children as well.

If you cannot be with your infant, find a daycare that is the best to care for your infant. Take a tour of an infant daycare that focuses on delivering the best in care. Contact International Children’s School today!