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How Wellness Is a Focus in Kindergarten and Beyond in Private Schools

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, only one in five households are located within a half-mile of a fitness, recreation center, or park. This means that many children aren’t given the opportunity to exercise and let out their energy when they’re home. Fortunately, private schools across the country focus on student wellness and athletics starting as early as kindergarten!

When you enroll your child in a private school, they’ll receive a well-rounded education. Starting them off on the right foot from the beginning will help to enrich their lives long after their educational experience has concluded. Here’s how wellness is a curriculum focus in private schools.

Setting a Child’s Path for Life

The skills learned in kindergarten stay with a student for life. Children who get a strong start with their education can expect to have an advantage over their peers. Health and wellness are vital parts of a whole and fulfilling life, no matter one’s age. This is why children at this age are introduced to reading, writing, numbers, and social skill development in a variety of ways. Children will learn about the natural world in books read to them, and playing outside with classmates is a critical aspect of building friendships and learning how to communicate with peers and instructors.

Learning Wellness Habits in Kindergarten Is Essential

Most private schools provide a block of time dedicated to physical activity every day. This introduction to fitness and wellness could help children avoid sedentary lifestyles in the future. Too many students are glued to their devices; social media and video games are just two examples of the distractions that are inherent in young people’s lives. Good habits established at a young age will continue to provide benefits throughout the child’s life.

Creating an Environment of Wellness

A private school has more leeway when it comes to curriculum planning and implementation. If you want your child to learn in an environment that values their overall health and wellness, a private school is the right choice. An environment of wellness will provide the foundation for physical fitness standards that will remain throughout your child’s life. An ideal school environment presents opportunities for complete growth. This includes teaching the children academic skills as well as physical and social ones.

Is it time to begin looking into the educational options that are available for your child? Our facility provides a strong foundation for all of our students academically, emotionally, and physically. Now is the time to find out more, so contact us today!