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4 benefits of private preschool for children

preschools in coral gables

The basic building blocks of learning and socialization take place during childhood. That’s why your child needs to experience positive and knowledgeable moments for later learning and relationships with family members, friends, and peers. This is a critical reason for parents enrolling their kids in the best preschools in Coral Gables. It’s important for you to have your little ones in a school that provides a rich and complete program in a creative environment, with a team of professionals dedicated to their students. Here are some benefits of private preschool for children

Academic advancement

According to studies, kids who spend time in high-quality preschools as young children had a higher cognitive performance as teenagers. This means that sending your kid to a preschool such as ICS Coral Gables can contribute to their future success. This is true for preschool settings that provide adequate support and plenty of opportunities for interaction. Kids ages 4 to 5 years old need a space full of love, education, and care. At ICS it has always been our goal to safeguard the physical and mental health of our children through our philosophy based on individual attention, high-quality education, and family values.


A healthy preschool environment that includes other children of different backgrounds is an excellent place for your child to learn how to communicate effectively. Personalities also play a role as some kids are talkative while others are mostly non-verbal. Regardless of the communication patterns, care providers at our preschool and daycare are trained to help your toddler build their confidence and articulation.

Foreign language

Another important aspect of preschools in Coral Gables is a comprehensive foreign language program. At ICS, we believe that broad-based language education can provide children with a great advantage in their education and future careers, especially in the culturally diverse environment of South Florida.

Better behavior

A preschool in Coral Gables provides children with the opportunity to play and socialize with other kids their age. Interacting with others shows them how to have better behaviors and teaches them to become team players. Children learn how to play, share and learn together while their personalities evolve and their minds expand. At ICS we believe that children need a balance between child-initiated and teacher-facilitated activities daily.

Attending a high-quality preschool can benefit your child in more ways than one. At ICS Coral Gables, we place a great deal of emphasis on creating meaningful experiences for our community of children and instill a life-long love of learning in every student at our Coral Gables private school. If you are looking for the best preschool in Coral Gables visit or contact us today.