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What Private Schools Wish Parents Knew

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The relationship between parents and teachers can be a great partnership. Sometimes there are difficult moments when it comes to education, but as long as parents and teachers work together, the child’s best interest wins. There are many things that private schools wish parents knew to help students.

Learning Does Not Stop

While the school day may end at 3:00 pm, learning does not end. About 24% of the nation’s schools are private schools, with about 10% of the students enrolled in PK – 12. When your child comes home, you can engage them by asking about what they learned during the day. For example, you can ask your child to show you something they are working on while at school. This enforces what they learned during the day and shows them that you are interested.

Mistakes Are Not Terrible

No matter the age of your child, they are constantly learning. Your child does not need to be perfect, and teachers in private schools do not want them to be. When a child thinks that everything needs to be done perfectly, they get caught up in always being right and feel a large amount of pressure. If your child gets stuck on an assignment, help them consider solutions to the problem. You should not do the work for them. Try to resist the urge to email the teacher as well. Your child will learn more by working through ways to solve the problem.

You and the Teacher Are A Team

Sometimes when a parent hears their child complain about something that happened during the day, they often want to jump into attack mode. Sometimes, the parent goes around the teacher and straight to the principal, making the teacher feel attacked. It is helpful when parents find out all the details about what happened before reacting hastily. Even in private schools, teachers like to know when they are doing a good job. Most often, parents are quick to send an email or make a phone call when they feel like the teacher has done something wrong, so why not send a note when they are doing something right?

When you enroll your child in private schools, you expect a certain level of rigor when it comes to academics. In addition, the teachers want you to provide a certain amount of assistance and presence in your child’s education.