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What Makes the Perfect Daycare?

Best Daycare in Coral Gables

A common truth about parents is that they make lists. There is no fault in making lists. Lists are the best way for anyone to stay organized in a rather hectic life. Because lists are the ideal method for any parent to detail what they need and want. You could be jotting down what you need from the grocery store for dinner or checking off back to school supplies. As a parent, you are sure to have a list of what makes the best daycare for your little one and for you. This list may be pages long or possibly only a couple of bulletin points. When reading all the features on your personal list, go a little deeper, and follow along with a few more factors you will want to add.

1. Knowledgable Staff
You want to know that the people who are caring for your child is up for the task. The experience for you and your child can be on different ends of the spectrum depending on whether the staff is knowledgeable and experienced in their field. Daycares that provide the most enriching experiences have staff who are aware of what children require through each milestone in their early education. The time between 3-months old and 4-years old holds numerous developmental steps that impact the rest of a child’s education. Your optimal daycare knows this and is ready to take on the challenge to ensure your child reaches each of these steps to better their future.

2. Opportunities to Grow
Children grow up so fast and in those early years, you want to be sure your child has the opportunity to develop skills needed for the rest of their lives. You want a daycare that promotes your child’s progress and encourages them to continue their efforts in their learning. The right one will identify and work to advance your child’s social skills, learning style, and unique strengths. When your child takes a liking to an activity, you want someone to be there to push them to continue to explore their interests. Being supportive in a child’s development will awaken a confidence in them that emboldens them to push themselves further in their education.

3. Keeping You Connected
The only downside to your child improving their learning and taking big leaps in their development is that you may not be able to watch them do it. You drop them off at daycare and you hope they are making those initial strides into becoming the person they are born to be. You no longer have to fret about that downside when the staff keeps you constantly updated on your child’s progress. Every nap, snack, and game will be right on your phone while your child is enjoying their time there. Even sending photos of your child’s experience makes all the difference. You do not feel disconnected when you are receiving updates and videos of your child’s new love of art or how they are making new friends. Your ideal daycare makes you feel like you are right there with them every step of the way.