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How Can Playing Sports at a Young Age Prepare a Student Beyond Kindergarten?

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Many preschool programs provide more than basic socializing and rudimentary levels of education by including fun physical activities and informal sports as part of their daily routines. According to We Are Teachers, the United States has 12,517 middle schools and 2,209 junior high schools. Those schools are usually where organized sports programs begin and could lead to great things afterward. Here’s how playing sports at a young age prepares many students after graduation from kindergarten.

Improve Coordination and Body Control

Participating in soccer, ballet, and other fun physical activities helps children develop their hand-eye coordination and balance. It also helps them get better at walking, running, and using their bodies for physical activity. Developing hand-eye coordination and body control enables children to do more later, like learning to play a musical instrument or helping wash dishes at home.

Learn the Value of Teamwork

The best preschool programs help teach children the importance of teamwork and how working together can be fun while working to achieve a goal. Participating in sports, ballet, and other physical activities helps children learn the value of working together to do more than they might on their own. Learning the value of teamwork and how to be a good team member can help prepare a child for success later in life.

Develop and Maintain Strong Bodies

Physical activity is important for helping young children develop strong bodies, hearts, and lungs and maintain relatively good strength and health. It also helps uncover hidden physical issues that might not be known yet. If your child has any latent physical issues, participating in physical activity could help reveal them and make it possible to address and overcome them.

Develop a Child’s Socialization Skills

One of the most important things a child learns in preschool and during early education is how to socialize. Learning and developing socialization skills while playing sports helps improve self-esteem and teaches children appropriate behaviors and how to get along with others during practice and games. The ability to socialize helps children overcome shyness and participate more in daily activities that they otherwise might decline to try. It also makes them more likely to have lots of friends and develop relationships that might last a lifetime.

You can call or visit us to learn about our preschool programs and how activities like ballet, creative movement, and soccer could benefit your child. At ICS Coral Gables, we offer private school for children from three months of age through kindergarten. We look forward to hearing from you!