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3 Easy Ways to Help Prepare Your Child for Preschool During the Summertime

preschoolNow that we are in the last full month of Summer, it is time for parents to start thinking about the sometimes dreaded and sometimes exciting back-to-school season. This can be a mix of emotions for all parents, while it can be fun to watch their children grow and learn, it can be sad for them to leave the house.

This is especially true for all the preschoolers headed to school this year, despite the many benefits of preschool, whether it is for public or private schools. A child can never be too prepared for their first day, so we have compiled a list of some easy ways to prep your child for their big day.

Practice their ABCs and other basic skills

It is important that your child is familiarized with basic skills so they can feel confident that they are ready for school. This fear is normal for children of any age, and can easily be taken care of by going over the ABCs, the numbers, and basic information about themselves like their name, address, and age.

Head to the school

There is nothing scarier than showing up to a big, new building on their first day. So, take a few trips to the school so they can get used to their surroundings — see if you can tour the building and even play in the playground. Try and make positive memories, such as eating a picnic and playing on the slide, so they will remember the school in a positive light. Plus, private preschools tend to focus on athletics and wellness, so this will help your child stay active no matter what!

Give them independence

School will help your child learn things through on their own. To help ease this transition, gradually work towards giving them some independence throughout the summer. This can be through small tasks such as having them pick out their outfit every day, help set the table for dinner, putting their clothes away, or picking up after their craft time.

These small steps will not only help ease your child’s transition to school, it will help give you peace as mind as well! So start now while there are still some nice days of summer, and get ready for what the school year holds!