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Why More Parents Are Enrolling Their Children in Private Preschools

private preschool

Today, the United States is home to approximately 34,567 private schools, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. These schools roughly serve about 5.7 million students each day. Enrollment in private institutions continues to be strong in this country for many reasons. Let’s look at why parents are choosing private schools.

A Priority on Preschool

Preschool involvement is a huge contributing factor to further educational success for children. During the preschool years, students learn foundational skills both academically and socially that will help them throughout elementary their elementary years. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, Preschool enrollment has increased significantly since 1990 from 56% to 66%. Private preschool gives parents the peace of mind of knowing their child is receiving a strong educational foundation in a quality environment.

A Different Type of Education

Private institutions are often chosen by parents because they simply wish for a different type of educational experience for their children. Public programs struggle to tailor their curriculum to each child’s needs. Private programs have more resources and smaller class sizes to ensure that each student receives the educational experience they are in need of. When a child feels that they are being paid attention to and that the staff cares about their education, they tend to thrive better.

A Different Set of Expectations

Private preschool and further programs set a different standard of expectation. The expectations of the academic program are set in place by the staff, educators, and parents of the community. This is far different from Federal or state standards being set in place by the government. Those who are invested in a private institution take the program’s success and the success of the students personally. This results in higher standards and a better community spirit.

A Different Type of Community Spirit

One of the most powerful aspects of private school is the community spirit that grows within and around it. Everyone involved, from parents to teachers, is making an investment. This translates into visible and active involvement. This involvement helps create a unique community spirit around the institution that you rarely find anywhere else. When students feel they are a part of a strong community, they are more relaxed and better able to focus on learning.

If you are considering private preschool for your children, please contact International Children’s School today! We are here to help you learn more about our exceptional curriculum and help you provide the best educational experiences for your child.