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Choosing a Daycare? Consider These Factors

Choosing A Daycare

Choosing a daycare for your child is a fundamental decision you make as a parent. It’s difficult to let your little one under the care of other people, especially when your child is below four years. But more U.S. parents are enrolling their children in preschool. In 2017, more 5-year-olds — 86% — were enrolled in preschool programs compared to 4-year-olds — 68%.

These are some factors you should consider when choosing a daycare for your child.

1. Safe School Environment

The safety of your child should come first. You want to know that your child’s welfare is in a safe pair of hands. This means having dedicated tutors and caregivers who will give your child personalized attention. The school environment must also be safe for your child to play freely without being put in harm’s way. The best daycare in Coral Gables will have a safe school environment for your child. Additionally, the top private preschools have well-trained and exceptionally qualified staff.

2. Enough Classroom Space and Infrastructure to Facilitate Playful Learning

Children learn best through fun and playful activities. Fun literacy activities and games such as alphabet knockdown, connect-the-dots with letters, and alphabet rocks, facilitate playful learning in children. These hands-on activities require enough classroom space for all children to take part. Therefore, your ideal daycare school should have a well-established infrastructure. These include expansive classrooms, a soft play playground for kids, child care cribs and mattresses, sanitary buildings, and daycare storage units.

3. Program and Curriculum

The best daycares facilitate age-appropriate learning activities. The learning programs in daycare facilities stimulate a child cognitively, academically, linguistically, physically, creatively, and socially. The ideal preschool curriculum focuses on holistic learning that makes learning a fun process for your child. While in daycare, preschool, and kindergarten, children need more time to play. Well-thought-out curriculums integrate learning and playing. This cultivates a lifelong love for learning in your child.

4. Feeding Program

If the daycare has a feeding program in place, you should establish what type of food is served to your child. The top preschools in Coral Gables consult extensively with the parents to agree on a healthy feeding program for their children. You should let the school know if your child has any food allergies. Your child will benefit immensely from feeding together with other kids in school. It can help improve the eating habits and dining etiquette of your child.

5. Parent Involvement

Naturally, you’ll want to know how your child is doing in school. It’s healthy to form bonds with your child outside the home setting. That’s why the top private schools encourage parent participation in their daycare programs. When you’re involved in your child’s education, you will be in a better position to provide a good learning atmosphere at home. This will make learning fun and continuous for your child.

6. Daycare Proximity

It’s more convenient choosing a daycare in proximity to your home to facilitate transportation. This will not only reduce the daily hassle of commuting to and fro the school, but it will also lower the transportation costs. With a daycare close to your home, you can visit your child as often as you wish. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can see your child whenever you want without driving miles away.

7. Values and Philosophy of the Daycare School

Schools are built around different philosophies and values. If you want your child to learn Christian values, then you’ll select the top Christian preschools in your area. Since children spend most of their time in school, the values they are taught guide their adult life significantly. Therefore, it’s important to consider wisely the values that your child is taught at a daycare learning center.

Enrolling children in a top daycare is beneficial to their social, academic, cognitive, and physiological development. Studies have shown that children who receive quality early childhood education have more success in their academic life. When choosing a daycare, consider the top-rated preschools in Coral Gables.