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Why Are More Parents Sending Their Children to a Private Preschool?

If you have a young child, you know their education starts with a quality pre-k program. More parents are aiming for enrollment in a private preschool to give their children a head start. After all, according to ThoughtCo, privately-run institutions educate about 5.5 million students throughout the United States. Read on to see why a private pre-k experience is more popular among parents than ever before.

Healthy Meals

When children are in pre-k, they have lunch and snack time during the day. As a parent, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child will have access to healthy meals when they attend a private preschool. It’s easy to provide unhealthy meals and snacks, but the best pre-k environments prioritize your child as a whole, choosing snacks that will energize the students.

A Quality Curriculum

There’s a misconception that any learning environment before kindergarten equates to being babysat. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your children can learn quite a lot in the right pre-k environment. Any private preschool has a higher-end curriculum than a public one. Your little one will be exposed to early STEM lessons, art, music, reading, hands-on activities, and more!

Exposure to a Second Language

The best time to learn a second language is in childhood. Kids often acquire second, third, and fourth languages more easily than adults can. They can quickly memorize new vocabulary as their brains develop. In many cases, they’ll be able to speak another language without an accent when they learn it in childhood.

Positive Socialization

Sending a child to their pre-k program can be an emotional experience for many parents. However, this is the start of your child’s socialization, as they now will have to socialize beyond your family. A private preschool provides a positive socialization experience with a professional teacher and other staff members who know how to care for children. They’ll also be with other kids whose parents also want them to get a high-quality education.

As you can see, there are many reasons why parents want their kids to attend a private pre-k program. Give your little one a head start! With a quality pre-k education, it may be the first step on a path to successful primary education. Take the first step by contacting the International Children’s School for a tour of our facilities today.