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How Nature can Influence a Young Mind

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Children are meant to run around outside and play in the dirt. Rolling around in the grass and climbing trees are one of the many fun activities kids can do at such a young age. A child’s curiosity towards nature and playing outside is a normal occurrence in their development that will prove to benefit them later in life. The best preschools, like the ones in Miami, recognize how powerful being outside can be for children. Here is a deeper look into how nature and outside play influences a young mind.

Exploring New Sensations

Every parent is familiar with the touching stage of a child’s development. As the name describes, this stage is where children love to touch everything. This is a normal phenomenon because it plays a part in how children perceive the world around them. Nature contributes to this stage by teaching kids to recognize different textures and objects. Going outside helps explore other sensations like smell, sight, and potentially taste. Children need to be allowed to experience these sensations as much as possible to benefit their awareness and understanding of nature and themselves. Picking one of the best preschools in Miami can add on to these benefits because they know how important nature is to a child’s development regarding understanding physical sensations.

Building Emotional Insight

Nature is a safe space for children. It is a place that allows them to be as silly and energetic as they need to be. When they are given a space to be as free as they want, anxiety and stress level decrease. The outside world offers a stress-free environment to express themselves. Knowing what environments they feel calmer in will benefit them as they grow older, for they will rely on those healthy environments to be safe spaces for them to relax. Which is why the best preschools in Miami implement more outside play, so kids can escape to this space if they ever feel stressed about something.