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Busting the Myths about Preschool: Part 2

Early childhood development professionals noted the importance of attending early educational programs, such as preschool, and how the infinite advantages serve as key elements to a child’s success. Despite the extensive research to prove their findings on the subject, countering myths still spread. For new parents looking for preschools, like ones located in Miami, misinformation about early childhood programs may litter their search page and overwhelm them. Here is the next edition of busting myths about preschool.

Myth: No Different Than Daycare 

This myth has been around for a long time, and may never disappear anytime soon. There is no clear origin of this myth, but it continues to spread due to the lack of understanding on what defines a preschool and a daycare. Both early educational programs work at a specific developmental level of learning. When children reach a certain age, there are expectations as to what they can do before they can enter kindergarten. Preschool ensures children between ages 4 and 5 are prepared for this next step in their education. Daycare also teaches and cares for children, the children’s learning is designed to their age level. Both programs are important, but they are different because they teach to a designated age range.

Myth: Anyone Can Teach Preschool 

Not everyone can become a preschool teacher. This idea is similar to thinking preschool teachers are the same as babysitters, preschool teachers do not teach anything, and so on. Preschool teachers receive high-level degrees in early education and undergo constant professional development throughout their career. When a preschool teacher enters into the professional workspace, they already received a bachelors degree or higher in the field. Preschool classrooms and curriculums are designed to teach certain areas and precise ages. The teachers need to be able to work in this environment and teach this curriculum to achieve the best results. When parents are searching for preschools in Miami, they know the teachers are highly educated, professionals ready to teach the bright, young minds of tomorrow.