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How Does Your Child Get More One-on-One Care at a Private School?

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When the time comes to enroll your child in school, one of the biggest decisions that you may face is deciding what school to enroll your child in. You may have a choice of public schools, including traditional public schools, magnet schools, charter schools, or private schools in Coral Gables. According to, one out of four elementary and secondary schools in the U.S. are private schools. One of the reasons why parents select these schools is because their child gets more one-on-one time. Here are two of the key reasons why children in private institutions get more one-on-one time than children in public schools.

Smaller Classroom Sizes

One of the biggest reasons why a child gets more one-on-one care at private schools in Coral Gables is because private schools traditionally have smaller classroom sizes. Many public schools either don’t have enough classrooms or enough teachers to teach students. As such, schools are overcrowded, and the number of students that a teacher teaches is high. Private schools often limit the number of students that they accept, which ensures there’s no overcrowding. This helps ensure the school maintains small classroom sizes.

Additional Classroom Assistants

The second reason why your child may get more one-on-one care at a private school is because private schools have a higher budget than public schools. This helps them afford additional teachers and teacher’s assistants. This also helps to ensure that the ratio of students per qualified educator in a classroom is low. In turn, this means that the children in the classroom get more one-on-one care with an educator. You can ask us about our classroom sizes and how we prioritize your student’s growth.

Being able to get that direct time with a teacher, teacher’s aide, or other educational professional can be vital to helping children get the help they need with topics or tasks that they are having difficulty with. Ultimately, this helps a child to understand the topic and gain the knowledge that they need. If you’re looking at private schools in Coral Gables to enroll your child, be sure to consider the International Children’s School. Look at our curriculum and schedule a tour of our school to find out if we may be the right school for your child.