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How Beneficial Is Day Care For Toddlers and Infants?

day care

Today, for most parents, day care is a necessity due to several factors, some of which are impossible to avoid. Some parents with young children may need to go out and work to earn a living and thus prefer taking kids to a childcare facility. Single parents may also not be in a position to work and care for kids at the same time.

If you are a parent and are stressed about young children at home, don’t worry because there are plenty of care options to consider. Here are some of the long-lasting academic, social, and economic benefits for kids enrolled in care facilities:

A Planned Schedule

Did you know that even in care facilities, children have a program that they follow? As much as they might not be aware of how time goes, caregivers provide them with a full range of activities throughout the day. They sing songs, play games, and participate in storytelling, which contributes to their intellectual growth. They also have specific feeding and napping times — which sounds amazing!

Academic Improvement

A recent study suggests that teens who spent their initial years in childcare facilities were found to have higher academic scores. This clearly shows that kids’ interaction in care centers gives them support, cognitive skills, and prepares them for preschool and kindergarten.

Quality Time With Peers

As much as adults need to spend some time with their peers, so do children. At preschools and similar facilities, children of the same age have a good time with one another but under the supervision of caregivers and a safe environment. They learn how to solve problems, play well together, and share as they develop and shape their personalities.

Transition to Higher Learning

Another study at Texas University showed that kids in day care adjusted quickly to formal schooling as compared to those who never set foot there. It also showed that their parents were more conversant in their children’s school life as they grow. In 2017, a higher number of 5-year-old kids were enrolled in pre-school as compared to 4-year-olds — early education helps prepare for a lifetime of higher learning.

Improved Communication Skills

One crucial factor that affects a person’s ability to communicate is who they interact with regularly. Early interaction has helped many kids become good communicators as they are able to engage with both caregivers and their peers. Exposure to different situations makes them resilient and helps them develop different skills that they’ll be able to use later in life.

Benefits For Parents

Choosing to take your baby to day care may be stressful but is certainly worth the effort and sacrifice. When dropping them off, you may interact with fellow parents who share the same predicament and it will make you feel better and provide various social advantages. You will also experience economic benefits since you can work comfortably knowing your kid is in safe hands.

As much as choosing a childcare facility may be heart-wrenching, it is crystal clear that both you and your toddler will experience long term benefits. A quality care center offers children full support, encouragement, and exposure can help them to set a strong foundation for future intellectual life.