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At Home Activities for Preschoolers

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Parents, you have had a difficult task of keeping your preschoolers entertained while staying at home, and watching the same cartoon over and over is no longer up to your child’s standards. All preschoolers want to do is have fun and play, but being stuck in one place can become boring overtime. Plus children need activity and movement to benefit their early development. After a long day of learning at one of the best preschools in Miami, you want your child to still have fun and relax at home. Look no further because here are some wonderful at-home activities for you and your preschooler.

​1. Yoga
A yoga session with your preschooler is an indescribable experience. Yoga with your child will be silly, and they may giggle at the poses. This activity is great for much-needed bonding time. It is also beneficial for kids since it teaches them healthy methods of relaxation and calming down.

​2. Melting Crayons
Every parent has broken crayons lying around the house. Rather than throw them away, use them in other ways. After unwrapping them, you can melt them in a tin before freezing them. Once they are out of the freezer, your child has all new crayons. You can also melt them on canvasses, create collages, and many more crafts. This is perfect for parents who want to recycle and help their children explore their creative side.

​3. Designing Masks
Masks are an easy and fun craft any child will enjoy. You can help your preschooler transform into their favorite comic character or animal. This requires various items starting from paper to markers. A bonus to this craft is that you can make a mask out of anything, and your child will love it.

​4. Indoor Obstacle Course
You probably have read about indoor obstacle courses before, but let’s take it to the next level. Once you rearrange the furniture to the course you want, implement rules that you can only do certain movements on specific parts of the course. For example, if you set up cushions on the floor, make it so your child is only allowed to hop on one foot around the cushions or over them. Another rule to include is that your child must make a type of sound or answer a riddle to pass a point on the course. Your indoor obstacle course will be adored by any teacher at the best preschools in Miami.