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4 reasons why individual attention is important for children in preschool

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Each individual is an entity with unique emotional and intellectual needs, varied personalities, and learning styles. Preschool children come to the classroom with enthusiasm, curiosity and it’s the teacher who carries the important duty of empowering students to become aware of their capabilities and areas of improvement. This can only be possible by providing individual attention, which ensures to bridge the gap between the learning pace of different students, as the class progresses. This will prevent the feeling of isolation in children as they learn and make their education process a blissful experience. Here are some reasons why individual attention is important for children in a private preschool.

1) Strengthens the teacher-student bond

Nurturing a healthy teacher-student relationship is an important part of education, especially for preschool students. A bond that goes beyond the formality restricted to studies only, opens compassion, patience, and good communication in the classroom. With individualized attention, teachers get to know about the issues faced by students and understand the fortes and flaws of every single one of them. This in return makes students feel appreciated, valued, and more engaged in learning.

2) Enhances focus

It is only when all the energies of the individual are one-pointed and the child’s attention focused on a current task, that learning can happen. Individual attention helps the learner focus and sustain attention, making the available classroom time more fruitful.

3) Develops interest among students

A lot can be achieved during class time if the student’s needs are attended to. Whole class instruction may not provide an equal learning opportunity and may even lead to disinterest and raise a barrier to learn. Thus, if the child is provided with personalized instruction, assessment, or explanation that directs his or her needs and misunderstandings, it will go a long way to sustain the interest. This is mostly done in a private preschool where teachers have a smaller group of students or even teaching assistants that can divide their focus among each child.

4) Opportunities for each student

Every student has strengths and weaknesses that make them unique. Individual attention helps every student to overcome the hurdles in their path and in the end, showcase absolute brilliance. This also helps identify students’ talents. Talent is not about academics only, it includes other areas such as art, sports, music, communication, leadership, etc. Every child has a spark within, which is waiting to be ignited through individual attention.

At ICS Coral Gables private preschool we provide our students with individual attention by highly trained and caring teachers in an enriching and meaningful environment. Our goal is to instill a life-long love of learning in every student at our Coral Gables private school. We invite you to visit our Campus in the heart of Coral Gables or click on the following link for assistance.