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2015 Graduation and End of the Year Show


Click here to watch a highlights from our show.

 On May 29th, 2015 ICS Coral Gables celebrated its 5th annual Graduation and End of the Year Show. This year the show theme was Animals. Teachers and students worked hard rehearsing for the show and it shows. The show was a huge success and went off without a hitch!

The Pre-K and Kindergarten classes also celebrated their graduation. It was a moving celebration full of happy tears from both parents and teachers alike. During the graduation, Ms. Janice, the school director, said the following to the graduating class:

“Graduating class of 2015, I have one wish for you. Never lost the ability to find wonder in everything. The wonder that I see in your faces every day in your faces when you search for worms on the playground, pick fresh tomatoes in the garden, and build amazing castles. Congratulations teachers, parents, and students.”

We are proud of all our performers and graduates!